Robotic Assisted Healthcare​

Augmenting Human Efficiency in Healthcare through Digital Transformation

Enhance Patient Care

A shortage of qualified caregivers, from Nurses to Home Healthcare workers, combined with a paradigm shift in the approach to work driven by the pandemic leave an industry desperate to augment the capacities and capabilities of existing caregiver staff.

Our Mission

At its core, Sterling Universal Group is an innovation company that connects and delivers technology to the Healthcare Industry via its turnkey ecosystem.

Give Back Time

Increasing patient throughput speed by leveraging technology to eliminate mundane time consuming tasks.

Support Current Staff

Integrating assistive robot technology into existing workflows to create operational efficiency

Reduce Errors

Leverage AI and ML capabilities to eliminate error potential and enhance patient care.

What Makes Our Platform Better

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning based AI model that enables predictive ambulation for robots and drones


Cloud Native Platform that provides intelligent, on-demand resource management


Modular design offers high degree of customization, Persistent internet not required for full functionality


Integration with healthcare applications including the EMR enabled by standard based interfaces that includes HL7, FHIRE, and API’s.

Our Ecosystem

Robots-as-a-Service: delivering cutting edge services integrated with best of breed software solutions


Security, flexibility, rapid development, near real time scalability of turn key solutions

Our Technology

We are using proven standard based open source technologies


Ease of development, access to talent for architecture and support, low cost infrastructure

Our Methology

We practice an agile development cycle, modular structure and design.


Responsive to user feedback, incremental functionality added regularly, seamless deployment and updates 

Executive Team

Dr. Purna Prasad

Healthcare Technology Executive; Stanford University Hospital, Northwell

Dr. John Power

Financial Operations Executive; DS Healthcare, Mellon Bank, Goldman Sachs

Photo of Chiranjiv Sidana

Chiranjiv Sidana

Business Executive

Sergh Sapojnikov

Robotics Engineer, Automation Engineer

Board Members

Mohinder Singh Taneja

Business and Diversity Outreach

Dr. Adhi Sharma
Board Member

CEO of Mount Sinai South Nassau

Dr. Ram Raju
Board Member

Former Healthcare Executive,
Vascular Surgeon

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